HCCSI November, 2019

November's Service Index

Customer service delivery as measured by the Hillsborough County Consolidated Service Index (HCCSI) remained well above goal during November, despite a slight month-to-month correction. November’s HCCSI finished at 102.75 points, dipping from a very strong 106.52 in October. The 102.75 score implies that, on a combined basis, the County’s 35 customer service indicators are performing +2.75% better than expected. The more stable three-month moving average (HCCSI- MA3) stands at 104.92, which is in the middle of the desired 100.00 to 110.00 point range. This suggests that, over the short-run, combined customer service by these three departments remains at a high level with one month remaining in the calendar year.

What happened in November?

The top performing customer service indicators versus their monthly goals for the month were:

  • Communications & Digital Media (3-way tie)
    • Social Media – Engagement (76,653)
    • Social Media – New Followers (2,359)
    • Web Services – Average problem resolution time (5.1 hours)
  • Customer Service & Support
    • Citizen Engagement – Signs Posted (124)
  • Pet Resource Center
    • Licenses processed by Accounting (9,588; a 3-month moving average)

The lagging customer service indicators versus their monthly goals were: *

  • Communications & Digital Media
    • Special recognitions produced (15; volatility due to seasonal demand)
  • Customer Service & Support
    • Surveys received on the Office of Neighborhood Relations (average score of 4.13 on a 1 to 5 scale for their latest initiative)
  • Pet Resource Center
    • Average number of calls made per field officer (dipped to 86 during November)

* Note: This does not necessarily mean that a customer service indicator did not achieve its goal or is performing poorly. These are just those customer service indicators that fared the least versus their monthly targets for the month; they may still be scoring relatively high. Please see the tables posted on the website for actual results.

The Hillsborough County Consolidated Service Index

Each month, we produce the Hillsborough County Consolidated Service Index (HCCSI). This monthly report objectively measures the performance of select departments and informs sound business decisions on how to allocate resources to best serve our customers. The HCCSI helps us ensure customer service excellence and rewards the positive contributions by our departments.

By Department Index

By Category

  • Customer Feedback: 46.47
  • Productivity: 31.32
  • Quality: 24.98

Top 5 contributors of November, 2019

  1. Total officer education calls made (PRC) @ 445.0%
  2. Citizen Engagement - Posted Signage @ 295.21%
  3. Neighborhood Relations Survey @ 275.68%
  4. Social Media: Engagement @ 150.21%
  5. Social Media: New Followers @ 150.0%
Figures may vary within a few one hundredths of a point due to rounding.