HCCSI May, 2019

May's Service Index

Customer service delivery as measured by the Hillsborough County Consolidated Service Index (HCCSI) increased 4.98 percent in the month of May 2019. For the month, the HCCSI finished at the 104.98 point level which is in the very center of the desired 100.0 to 110.0 point range. This is up +326 basis points from April 2019 and the best month of 2019 to date.

What happened in May?

The top contributors by department in terms of their point contribution to the May 2019 HCCSI after factoring in their actual results vs. goal and their assigned weights were:

  • Communications & Digital Media Department: HTV Program Review +6.15 points
  • Customer Service & Support Department: Call Center Operational Procedures and Performance Quality +6.68 points
  • Pet Resource Center: Average calls logged per officer +3.94 points

Overall, it was the Communications & Digital Media Department that contributed the greatest share to the May 2019 HCCSI at 35.3% of total. With respect to the three strategic classes of customer service indicators for May, the ‘customer feedback’ category had the best combined results with an average customer service index score of 109.81 points. This was up sharply from 103.10 in April. These customer feedback indicators are primarily comprised of survey responses.

The Hillsborough County Consolidated Service Index

Each month, we produce the Hillsborough County Consolidated Service Index (HCCSI). This monthly report objectively measures the performance of select departments and informs sound business decisions on how to allocate resources to best serve our customers. The HCCSI helps us ensure customer service excellence and rewards the positive contributions by our departments.

By Department Index

By Category

  • Customer Feedback: 44.39
  • Productivity: 29.23
  • Quality: 31.39

Top 5 contributors of May, 2019

  1. Social Media: Engagement @ 150.21%
  2. PR Production: Special Recognitions @ 150.0%
  3. Citizen Engagement - Posted Signage @ 149.7%
  4. Knowledge of Call Center Agents @ 132.53%
  5. Food supplies - reserve multiple @ 132.34%
Figures may vary within a few one hundredths of a point due to rounding.